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Building Interoperability for European Civil Proceedings Online
15.06.2012 - 16.06.2012
University of Bologna - BOLOGNA
Convegni / Conferences


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This is an invitation-only event, to register please contact IRSIG-CNR at


Information and communication technologies have been one of the main drives of change in the courts and  the judiciaries. Initially considered as tools to increase productivity or make judicial procedures more  transparent, now ICTs are deeply seated in the judicial machinery, affecting also the ways in which justice is  administered through trials and judicial proceedings.

One of the challenges currently faced by the European Union is the use of ICT to support cross;border civil  proceedings, as the European Payment Order and the European Small Claim Procedure. The development  of ICT;based innovations requires the identification of viable solutions to support the handling of cases  across different legal systems and public administrations. It requires facing semantic problems associated  with the different languages spoken in the community and with the understanding of different national  procedural codes. Finally, it may require the technological interoperability between computer systems and  electronic databases of national jurisdictions.   The conference presents the research findings of the project Building Interoperability for European Civil  Proceedings Online (September 2010 through August 2012).   Moving from national and European e;justice experiences, the Conference discusses how e;justice can be  developed, how it affects judicial proceedings, and how the lessons learned from the case studies can be  used to design e;justice applications supporting the European Payment Order and the European Small  Claim Procedures.

Go to the web page of the project: Building Interoperability for European Civil Proceedings Online


Project coordinator Research Institute on Judicial Systems, National Research Council of Italy (IRSIG-CNR);

in partnership with Central European University (CEU), Law Faculty, Budapest, Hungary  Ministry of Justice, ICT Department, Rome, Italy  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Institute of Law and Technology (IDT), Spain  University of Bologna, Dipartimento di Scienza Politica, Centro Studi e Ricerche sull'Ordinamento  Giudiziario (Unibo;DSP) and Centro Interdipartimentale Ricerche sul Diritto delle Comunità Europee  (Unibo;CIRDE), Italy  University of Coimbra, School of Economics, Centre for Social Studies (CES), Portugal;

and with the financial support of European Commission, Directorate General Justice Freedom and Security, Specific Programme Civil  Justice, Grant JLS/2009/JCIV/AG/0035.


Francesco Contini (IRSIG-CNR IT), Marco Mellone  (CIRDE University of Bologna IT), Gar Yein Ng (CEU Central European University, Budapest HU), Ales Galic (School of law, University of Ljubljana SL), Giovan Francesco Lanzara (DSP University of Bologna IT), Ole Hanseth (University of Oslo NO), Antonio Cordella (LSE UK), Giampiero Lupo (DSP University of Bologna), Gregor Stojn (Supreme Court of Slovenja SL), Dory Reyling (Court of Appeal of Amsterdam NL), Paula Fernando (CES University of Coimbra PL), Davide Carnevali (IRSIG-CNR IT), Andrea Resca (IRSIG-CNR IT), Giulio Borsari (IT Directorate General, Ministry of Justice IT), Federica Curtol (Eurojust), Lynn Hewlett (European Court of Justice), Joris Plingers (Court of the European Union), Carsten Shmidt (e-Codex Project, Ministry of Justice, NRW DE), Jesper Wittrup CGR Aarhus DK), Kari Kujanen (Former CIO Ministry of Justice FI), Antoni Roig (ITD Autonomous Ubiversity of Barcelona SP), Ernst Steigenga (Ministry of Justice NL), Marco Fabri (IRSIG-CNR IT), Luc Ferrand (New Technology Project, Ministry of Justice FR), Rosa Jansen (Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary NL).


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