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Knowledge for Justice



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Gestione dei procedimenti (case management) PDF Stampa

Assignment of cases to courts and within courts in six european judicial administrations and in Québec: a comparative analysis
Marco Fabri and Philip M. Langbroek in Philip M. Langbroek and Marco Fabri (eds.), Case assignment to courts and within courts, Shaker Publishing, 2004, pp.9-38

In this chapter we summarize the information contained in the national reports in accordance with the subjects of the research format. The content of the comparative analysis is as follows: general description of the judicial systems; territorial and functional competences; allocation of cases to courts; instruments to enhance an efficient case assignment; differences and similarities between the judicial organisations.
Our goal is mainly descriptive, but the results are a ‘tableau’ of policy instruments to enhance flexibility in case assignment. Therefore, we conclude this chapter with a reflection on these instruments and their capacity to improve the functioning of a judicial system from the point of view of flexibility and from the point of view of judicial integrity.



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