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Building Interoperability for European Civil Proceedings Online

Final Research‐Conference

June 14‐17, 2012

University of Bologna, Via Belmeloro, 14 Bologna (Room G)



Friday, June 15

9,15 – 9,30



Fabio Giusberti, Dean, Faculty of Political Science and Head of the Department of Political and Social Sciences
Giuseppe Di Federico, Emeritus Professor, University of Bologna, and research associate IRSIG-CNR 

9,30 – 10,45

Session 1: European Civil Proceedings offline and online


Convenor: Giuseppe Di Federico, Emeritus Professor, University of Bologna


Building interoperability for European Civil Proceedings Online - Francesco Contini, IRSIG-CNR  

European Payment Order and European Small Claims Procedure: the legal framework - Marco Mellone, CIRDE, University of Bologna - PAPER


A practical simulation of European Payment Order and European Small Claims Procedure - Gar Yein Ng, Central European University, Budapest  - PAPER


Discussant: Jane MacDonald, Head of Policy and Legislation Branch, Scottish Court Service Headquarters

11,15 -12,45

Session 2: Interoperability and infrastructures


Convenor: Maria Yordanova, Center for Study of Democracy, Sofia


The circulation of judicial agency in Europe: designing for interoperability and complexity - Giovan Francesco Lanzara, DSP, University of Bologna  - PAPER


Interoperability and generativity: cultivating information infrastructures - Ole Hanseth, University of Oslo 


Discussant: Antonio Cordella, London School of Economics and Political Science

14,15 – 15,30

Session 3: Searching for maximum feasible simplicity


Convenor: Francesco Contini, IRSIG-CNR


Money Claims Online, England and Wales - Giampiero Lupo, DSP, University of Bologna
  -  PAPER


COVL, Central Department for Enforcement, Slovenia - Gregor Strojin, Supreme Court of Slovenia - PAPER


Discussant: Dory Reiling, Amsterdam district court 

15,45 – 17,00

Session 4: Pushing at the edge of maximum manageable complexity


Convenor: Aleš Galič, School of Law, University of Ljubljana


CITIUS, Portugal - Paula Fernando University of Coimbra, School of Economics, Centre for Social Studies (CES)  - PAPER


Trial On Line, Italy - Davide Carnevali and Andrea Resca, IRSIG-CNR - PAPER


Discussant: Giulio Borsari, ICT Department, Italian Ministry of Justice

Saturday, June 16

9,00 -10,30

Session 5: Cross-border e-justice in the European Union


Convenor: Hacı Ali Açıkgül, Turkish Ministry of Justice


e-Curia - Lynn Hewlett, European Court of Justice - PAPER


EPOC European Pool Against Organised Crime - Federica Curtol - Eurojust 


e-Codex, Enabling access to justice systems across Europe - Carsten Schmidt, Ministry of Justice, North-Rhine Westphalia 


Discussant: Ernst Steigenga, Dutch Ministry of Justice

10,45 – 12,15

Session 6: Designing architectures for European Civil Proceedings Online


Convenor: Giovan Francesco Lanzara, DSP, University of Bologna


How the law can make it simple - Kari Kujanen, Finnish Ministry of Justice (retired) 


Semantic Interoperability: how to make it understandable - Antoni Roig, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Institute of Law and Technology   - PAPER


Multiple scenarios: institutional architectures for the circulation of judicial agency -Francesco Contini, IRSIG-CNR  - PAPER


Discussant: Jesper Wittrup, Danish Evaluation Institute for Local Government (KREVI)

12,15 – 13,30

Closing section: Promoting e-justice at national and European levels: research, innovation and training


Discussion panel: The role of research - Marco Fabri, IRSIG-CNR

The role of Ministries of justice - Luc Ferrand, New technologies project, Ministry of Justice of France

The role of training - Rosa Jansen, Dutch Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary 
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