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Building Interoperability for European Civil Proceedings Online (5) PDF Print
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e-Justice Case Studies at National and European Level


National and European case studies have been conducted to produce a thick description of the strategies adopted to develop the system under examination, the development history, the architectural configuration, the growth of the infrastructure supporting ICT enabled procedures and the current functioning of the system.

The case study analysis has been developed along three main lines:

• longitudinal (history and strategy): how it came about (major critical events)

• architecture at present (configuration of the system), how it is made;

• functioning: how it works now.

Also, the case study highlights the main interoperability problems that have been met in dealing with the development of national and European systems, together with the design solutions that have been adopted and implemented.

All the papers will be available by mid May.

Outline of the research methodpdf_small

Francesco Contini, Giovan Francesco Lanzara and Andrea Resca

The case of Money Claim Online and Possession Claim on Line in England and Wales

Giampiero Lupo

The civil Trial On-Line (TOL): a true experience of e-Justice in Italy pdf_small

Davide Carnevali and Andrea Resca

CITIUS: eJustice in Portugal pdf_small

Paula Fernando and Diana Fernandezs

COVL: Central Department for Enforcement on the basis of Authentic Document of the Slovenian Judiciary pdf_small

Gregor Strojin

Large Scale E-Justice Interoperability: The case of Schengen Information System, the technological backbone of the European Arrest Warrant and surrender procedures pdf_small

Marco Velicogna


e-Curia: e-justice at the European Court of Justice pdf_small

Francesco Contini

Comparative Table: The National E-filing Systems Analyzed pdf_small

Giampiero Lupo, Andrea Resca

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